Empirical Studies on Situated Cognition (ESSC)

Time: 8th of July, 2022

Venue: Osnabrück University, Seminarstraße 20, Building 15, Room 322a

Organization: Prof. Albert Newen, Prof. Achim Stephan, & Dr. Gregor Hörzer

Situated Cognition is an exciting and striving new research branch within the philosophy of cognition, but also in cognitive science in general. We would like to promote this project by holding a dedicated event just for current, state of the art research on the empirical aspects of the situated mind. It has always been the emphasis of situated theories to highlight that their ideas apply to the real world and can be empirically supported. This is the place where philosophy meets empirical science on cognitive systems – from humans, to animals, and even to robots.




10:10 – 11:25

KeynoteAgnieszka Wykowska (IIT): Using interactive protocols with physically embodied robots to study human cognition

11:30 – 12:15

PhDShadi Derakhshan (UOS): Exploring anticipatory gaze behavior while driving and being driven by an autonomous vehicle

12:15 – 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 – 14:45

KeynoteAaron Blaisdell (UCLA): The active rat: How rats reason about causal interventions

14:50 – 15:35

PhDGuillermo Hidalgo Gadea (RUB): Investigating embodied memory in pigeons with machine learning during a delayed matching to sample task

15:35 – 15:55

Coffee break

15:55 – 16:40

PhDFelix Schreiber (RUB): A lifespan approach using an Affective Episodic Future Thinking intervention to increase subjective and psychological well-being

16:45 – 18:00

KeynoteSimon Blackwell (RUB): Positive mental imagery: basic mechanisms and clinical applications




If you are interested in this event, then please feel free to register. A confirmed registration for this event is required in any case. Please get in contact with Louis Loock (lloock{at}uos.de).

This event belongs to our category: Conferences and External Workshops (2. Cohort)

Safety Standards

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  • All participants must conform to the 2G standard. This means that participants typically have to be fully vaccinated. This is satisfied by two up-to-date vaccinations. Any additional vaccination is highly welcomed, but not mandatory. Please carry some form of proof for this.
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  • FFP2-masks are obligatory, especially when moving around, during close discussions, and at the catering tables. The mask must also be worn at the seat, but the speakers can take their masks off during their talk.

You can, of course, personally decide to take precautions above this standard. We also reserve the right to adjust these measures based on the dynamics of the pandemic situation.