Advisory Board

  • Prof. Louise Barrett (University of Lethbridge): She accepted to be a new member in the External Advisory Board in summer 2020. Her research lies in the field of comparative psychology and social cognition. Thus, she especially enriches the scientific board as an expert comparing animal and human cognition. Methodologically, she relies on using the theoretical framework of embodied and extended cognition. Furthermore, she is vice president of research and thus has an outstanding expertise in organizing research.
  • Prof. Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis): He is attached to the philosophy department of RUB thanks to an Anneliese Maier-Research Award and is thus a regular visitor in Bochum. Furthermore, he is a key figure in the debate about situated cognition with strong expertise in theory of emotion and social understanding but also concerning aspects of perception. He is internationally renowned for his interdisciplinary research combining philosophy and the cognitive sciences.
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne): He is one of the outstanding philosophers in epistemology in Germany. He was the president of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy. Since 2006, he annually organizes the internationally well acknowledged Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSIP). Thus, he is intensely concerned with fostering young researchers.
  • Prof. Dr. Fiona MacPherson (University of Glasgow): She is the head of the Department of Philosophy and director of research in philosophy. Furthermore, she is director of the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience. She is a distinguished and internationally well-respected expert in theory of perception.
  • Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler (Ruhr-University Bochum): He is emeritus professor and former Rector of the University in Bochum and member of the Hochschulrat (board of governors) in Osnabrück. He is author of two excellence proposals of the RUB-Research School which had been approved by the German Excellence Initiative twice. He is highly experienced in organizing PhD education. Furthermore, he is an outstanding expert in biology: he received the most prestigious research award in Germany (“Leibniz-Award”). Thus, he can also advice the Steering Committee concerning questions about the adequate involvement of the empirical researchers.