Our Support for Ukrainian Researchers in Situated Cognition

In order to express our solidarity with the people in Ukraine, who face the destruction of their universities by the Russian army and an attack on the values we believe in: peace, democracy and freedom, the Research Training Group (RTG; DFG-Graduiertenkolleg) “Situated Cognition” offers individual support and consultation for finding a fellowship or other financial and educational support to study and work in Germany. We are highly prepared to offer our expertise as well as our national and international connections to protect and support any researcher in situated cognition (on all career levels) who seeks help. For each individual case, there might be the possibility to find an occupation of limited duration at our two locations, Osnabrück or Bochum. But we can only financially support persons who are doing research that is connected to our Research Training Group “Situated Cognition”, at least in a wide sense. Connections have to be discussed for each case individually.

Please get in contact with us via: rtg-situatedcognition@rub.de. Further information about you (CV, publications (researchers having a PhD) and current research interests) are necessary for the evaluation of the application.

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