Internal Workshops 2020 – Today

Third Internal Workshop:
Internal Discussion of PhD Projects

Online Workshop, 19/03/2021

The third internal workshop will start with a general discussion and recommendations on how to organize the first paper within the PhD projects. The main part will include discussions of each PhD project in detail. The projects will be thematically arranged according to the topic areas of the RTG (Meta-Projects, Situated Agency and Its Evaluation, Situated Emotions and Social Cognition, and Situated Linguistic Understanding and Communication).

Substitute for the Second Internal Workshop

In the course of the world-wide pandemic, we decided not to organize a 2nd Internal Workshop (whole day event in person) as part of the RTG. Instead, we meet regularly in smaller and larger groups with the PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and PIs to discuss the PhD projects of the second cohort, their core concepts, and the connections between them. In this way, the PhDs should receive an initial feedback, get to know each other better, and also discover possibilities for cooperation and collaboration across the status groups.

The following dates and topics were scheduled for these online meetings: 10.00-12.00 a.m.:

23.10.2020 Poster presentations of ongoing PhD and postdoc projects

30.10.2020 Poster presentations of ongoing PhD and postdoc projects

06.11.2020 Poster presentation of the PhD projects of the 1st cohort

13.11.2020 Whole RTG: Discussions about the interconnections of the projects

20.11.2020 Whole RTG: Discussion about the interconnections of the projects

27.11.2020 Discussion about the interconnections of the projects between 1st and 2nd cohort

11.12.2020 Whole RTG: Ongoing project and their relation to future projects (envisioned 3rd cohort)

15.01.2021 Preparation of DFG evaluation

First Internal Workshop:
Opening Event

In September 2020, all members of the RTG gathered at the Ruhr-University in Bochum under SARS-CoV-2 friendly circumstances.

After a welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Albert Newen the PhDs presented their desired projects. In addition, special talks were given by Jun. Prof. Dr. Peter Brössel (“Non-conceptual Content between Perception and Action”), Prof. Dr. Simone Pika (“Gestural communication in non-human animals: The past, the present, and the future”) and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Staufenbiel (“Replication crisis and good scientific practice”).

Overall the seminar was a fruitful environment, not only in regards to the content, but also regarding the face to face exchange with one another.