Workshop: Philosophy of Neuromorphic AI

Abstract There has been a long tradition of philosophers, cognitive scientists and computer scientists discussing philosophical implications of artificial intelligence. Since for the last decades von Neumann style computation has… » read more

Empirical Investigations of Situated Cognition

Abstract The third cohort of PhDs has successfully started their projects in our Research Training Group ‘Situated Cognition’. Now, the PhDs are ready to give insights into their projects and… » read more

Situated Cognition Spring School (SCSS) 2025

– SAVE THE DATE –March 24 – 27, 2025 @ Ruhr University Bochum Further information will follow on this page soon.

Our Support for Ukrainian Researchers in Situated Cognition

In order to express our solidarity with the people in Ukraine, who face the destruction of their universities by the Russian army and an attack on the values we believe… » read more

Central Topics in Situated Cognition
Conference for Three Generations RTG ‘Situated Cognition’

Abstract Our Research Training Group ‘Situated Cognition’ has now started its third and last training generation of twelve new PhD students, with the second cohort simultaneously finalizing their projects. At… » read more

Bad Beliefs and Polarization
Epistemology and Psychology on Propaganda and Echo Chambers

Abstract Climate change denial, the anti-vax movement, Pizza Gate, and political propaganda — what unites these seemingly disparate phenomena? They are related to inappropriately formed, unfounded beliefs that contradict available… » read more