Equality Measures and Career Guidance 2020 – Today

Online Workshop:
Equality & Diversity

Online Workshop, 12/05/2021

Under the guidance of Donna Fraser, the PhD and postdoctoral researchers of the RTG will explore the topics of equality and diversity in a workshop of approximately 2.5 hours. The workshop is supposed to provide an interactive and constructive platform for exchange and discussion. Topics of the workshop are, among others, equality and equity, targets and quotas, diversity in academia, intersectionality, as well as language and terminology.

Online Workshop:
Writing a Research Paper

Online Workshop, 12 & 13/04/2021

The internal workshop “Writing a research paper” took place on 12.04. and 13.04.2021. All PhD’s and even the PostDocs of the Situated Cognition RTG benefited from the expertise of Mr. Frank Lauterbach, who gave the lectures. Within the workshop we touched on topics like authorship, introductions, outlining, paragraphing, abstracts or objectives. Due to the high degree of interaction, it was possible for all participants not only to get the above-mentioned topics explained theoretically, but also to apply them practically. In addition, there was a lot of time for discussion, which meant that individual questions were addressed, and more insights were gained than expected. All in all, highly successful two days, which has proven to be useful for the course of the PhD’s. Also a big thanks to Regina Fabry, who organized the workshop.

The workshop was organised in cooperation with the PhD/Postdoc Career Center (Zentrum für Promovierende und Postdocs) at Osnabrück University.