Equality Measures and Career Guidance 2020 – Today

Online Workshop:
Writing a Research Paper

Online Workshop, 12 & 13/04/2021

This workshop gives young researchers an overview of most if not all of the key stages of the writing process, applicable for both theoretical and empirical papers: starting, monitoring, and adjusting the writing process; clarifying the overall goal and scope of the paper; setting the stage for their contribution to current research in the Introduction and situating their work in the current research landscape; determining the overall structural organization of the paper and understanding the contribution each section makes to the overall account developed in the paper (this might be more relevant for theoretical than empirical papers); developing convincing explanations of methods and results (this might be more relevant for empirical than theoretical papers); ending the paper on a strong note by developing a convincing and argumentatively sound Conclusion; writing a concise and persuasive abstract and coming up with an informative and original title.

The workshop is organised in cooperation with the PhD/Postdoc Career Center (Zentrum für Promovierende und Postdocs) at Osnabrück University.