Jennifer Wagner

Gestures – Online Talk Series in June 2021

Organisation: Kayla Kolff & Francesco Fanti Rovetta (Osnabrück), Ludmilla Reimer & Felix Schreiber (Bochum)

Interdisciplinary Reading Club & Colloquium:
Lecture Series on Animal Cognition & Child Development

Organization: Sabrina Coninx, Guillermo Hidalgo Gadea, MajaGriem, Felix Schreiber & Julia Wolf

RTG Closing Workshop: In Search of a New Theory of Cognition

On November 15th 2019, the PhDs students of our first cohort came together in Bochum to bring together their results and discuss connections and implications for further research.

Fifth Internal RTG Workshop

We held our fifth internal workshop at the University of Osnabrück on July 5th 2019. The first part of the workshop focussed on communication especially among PhDs, while the second… » read more

Fourth Internal RTG Workshop

On 23rd of November 2018, we held our fourth internal workshop at the University of Osnabrück. The overall theme was “Topics in Situated Cognition”. There were two keynote talks featured… » read more