Perception & Agency

Are allocentric spatial reference frames compatible with theories of Enactivism?

König et al., 2017

Sabine U. König, Casper Goeke, Tobias Meilinger & Peter König
in: Psychological Research

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Individualism versus interactionism about social understanding

Martens & Schlicht, 2017

Judith Martens & Tobias Schlicht
in: Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

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Humans treat unreliable filled-in percepts as more real than veridical ones

Ehinger et al., 2017

Benedikt V Ehinger, Katja Häusser, José P Ossandón & Peter König
in: eLife

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Learning New Sensorimotor Contingencies: Effects of Long-Term Use of Sensory Augmentation on the Brain and Conscious Perception

König et al., 2016

Sabine U. König, Frank Schumann, Johannes Keyser, Caspar Goeke, Carina Krause, Susan Wache, Aleksey Lytochkin, Manuel Ebert, Vincent Brunsch, Basil Wahn, Kai Kaspar, Saskia K. Nagel, Tobias Meilinger, Heinrich Bülthoff, Thomas Wolbers, Christian Büchel & Peter König
in: PLOSone

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Ontogenesis of Lateralization

Güntürkün & Ocklenburg, 2017

Onur Güntürkün & Sebastian Ocklenburg
in: Neuron

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Cognition without Cortex

Güntürkün & Bugnyar, 2016

Onur Güntürkün & Thomas Bugnyar
in: Trends in Cognitive Sciences

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Linguistic understanding

The Myth of Embodied Metaphor

Kompa, 2017

Nikola Kompa
in: Croatian Journal of Philosophy

Combined eye tracking and fMRI reveals neural basis of linguistic predictions during sentence comprehension

Bonhage et al., 2015

Corinna E.Bonhage, Jutta L. Mueller, Angela D.Friederici & Christian J.Fiebach
in: Cortex

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Auditory perception at the root of language learning

Mueller et al., 2012

Jutta L. Mueller, Angela D. Friederici & Claudia Männel
in: PNAS

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The Interaction of Bayesian Pragmatics and Lexical Semantics in Linguistic Interpretation: Using Event-related Potentials to Investigate Hearers’ Probabilistic Predictions

Werning & Cosentino, 2017

Markus Werning & Erica Cosentino
in: G. Gunzelmann, A. Howes, T. Tenbrink & E. Davelaar (Eds.): Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.